Best Walking Plan for Blasting Lower Belly Fat

Best Walking Plan for Blasting Lower Belly Fat

When it comes to anyone’s walking pace, it is essential for him to gauge his intensity on a scale measuring 1-10.

  1. Roughly an effort of 5-6 reading will help you breathe quickly while having a frequent conversation with anyone easily.
  2. While on the other hand, an effort having a reading of 8-9 on the gauge will indicate fast breathing and heartbeat rate. That would make it difficult to talk to anyone on this measure

However, since your intensity varies greatly with your personal fitness level, you may vary your power and speed to reach your goal according to recommended effort range of each type of walking.

types of walk

Types of Walks

Depending upon the level of intensity, speed, timing, distance, and frequency, there are three basic kinds of walks. All of them prove effective for blasting lower belly fat. Now let’s discuss them one by one:

Power Walk

It is a kind of steady yet strong walk.

After walking 3 minutes of power walk at an easy pace, you will have to warm up your body entirely

Then, all you need is to focus on maintain a steady 5-6 intensity level of 5-6 range until you complete your everyday targeted session of walking

Make sure that you put on the best waist trainer along with it

Those training will compress the midsection and assist the role performed by power walk in blasting lower belly fat

Also, ensure that after about 3-5 minutes of walking, take some rest and deep breaths and then complete the remaining walk

That will keep your body active and at ease throughout the walking exercise

power walk

Hit Walk

After the power walk, the next famous type of walk is Hit walk

It is the kind of walk that involves covering a defined distance in relatively less time than normal

Like the previous one, this walk is an interval-taking walk too

After walking 3 minutes while having on the best waist trainer for lower belly fat, be at an easy pace to warm up your body for the next phase

Further practice several High-intensity interval training exercises with the interval sets of this walk type

First of all, spend 3 minutes at a brisk pace walking

Then gradually increase your intensity up to 5-6 gauge scale and do a power walk

Moving on, increase the intensity much more up to the scale of 8-9 and walk frequently for 1 minute

Lastly, complete the remaining walk as per session of a day

Make sure that you be at ease and catch your breath after each walking and exercising interval.

Easy Walk

The third type of walk is an easy walk

IT is a type of active recovery walk which is all about maintaining a perfect balance in your physical fitness regimen

Also, scientific researches have shown that stress relief is one of the best ways to help blast lower belly fat causing high cortisol levels

Moreover, this walk is all about enjoying a comfortable environment with a stride of 3-4 effort level

Consider your surrounding environment and focus on feeling good while walking

Furthermore, try to be very mindful of your breath pace and steps all along the walking way.

hit walk

Important Note

Your total walking time period must include both a cooldown and warmup regimen. It is all up to you. Remember that you can adjust your walk days and their relative times always. The key thing here to consider is to figure out which walk will suit you the best and work for blasting your lower belly fat.

Furthermore, never forget to keep challenging yourself continuously throughout the walking plan. Also, try to put on the best waist trainer for weight loss each time when you practice any of the above-described walk types.

As soon as you become more fit and efficient, keep working on pumping and pushing up your walking pace every day. Walk regularly until it becomes possible for you to cover several miles in relatively less time.

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