4 Weeks to Get Fit: The Best Muffin Top Melting Exercises

Muffin top

Now when your six-packs have unfortunately turned into a muffin top, it is the right time to start shedding it with a 4 week-to-fit workout plan. This workout includes some of the most effective movements that anyone can practice either at home or in a gym. Also, it is suggested to combine this workout with a healthy diet and overall strengthening and cardio routine. Besides all, for having required body shaping results in an extremely short time, you will have to wear extreme tummy control shapewears. Practicing all these will help you to zip up in your favorite jeans with ease in no time.

Top 5 Best Muffin Top Melting Exercises

1.Dead Bug

  • Lie down on the ground with face up and arms extended outwards along sides
  • Now raise legs to the tabletop position
  • Bent your knees and bring your lower legs parallel to the floor
  • Then brace your core as much as you can
  • Lift your left arm and take t behind the head while keeping the right leg straight without touching the ground floor
  • Return back to the starting position and then repeat the similar procedure on the other side.

(Sets: 3, Repetitions: 10 in each set)

2.Double Criss-Cross

  • First of all, put on the put on the best waist trainer for lower belly fat
  • Then lie face up on the ground with your knees bent towards your chest and hands positioned behind your head
  • Bend left knee and right shoulder towards each other centered around the chest while extending out the right leg parallel to the ground
  • Pulse the shoulder and the knee as close as you can twice
  • Then get back to the starting position and repeat the same procedure with alternating arms and feet at each repetition.

(Sets: 3, Repetitions: 20 in each set)

Elbow Plank Hip Rainbow

3. Elbow Plank Hip Rainbow

  • Start this exercise by coming in the forearm plank position with alight feet up and hip-width apart and tightened abs.
  • Try to lift your hips slightly above the shoulders
  • Now rotate your right hip towards the ground, pivoting it onto your feet’ sides.
  • Then lift hips and pull abs in deeper to the spine up to the starting position.
  • Repeat the similar procedure with the left side and continue repetitions on alternating sides.

(Sets: 3, Repetitions: 10 in each set)

4.Side Plank Plie

  • Begin this fitness exercise in a stacked right side plank position
  • Keep your right arm extended exactly under your shoulder and your left leg crossed over right
  • Then extend your left arm above the ear and place your left palm facing down towards the ground and get all your abs engaged.
  • After that bend both your knees into a plie position
  • Shift your weight back towards feet and lower arm parallel to left thigh while facing the palm up
  • Lastly, extend your legs straight and return to the starting position back again

(Sets: 3, Repetitions: 10 in each set)

Side Plank Plie


  • Wear the best strapless body shaper and lie face down with legs and arms extended into a perfect S shape.
  • Then extend your spine and slightly try to lift off the arms, chest, and thighs off the ground hovering above the exercising mat
  • Then lift and reach your right arm towards your ears while lifting the left legs slightly higher up behind the hip region
  • Immediately repeat the same procedure with the other side in order to complete 1 rep.
  • Try to keep your torso steady and still as much as you can throughout the whole swimming movement
  • Continue alternating legs and arms for different sets

(Sets: 3, Repetitions: 20 in each set)

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